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xxxxxxxxxxboykinxxxxxxxxxxxxx Selling in today’s environment is tougher than ever.  Competition is keen and prospects are more educated than ever before. It is increasing harder to show the value for your product or service.  It seems you work harder and harder and have less and less commissions or revenue to show for it.Hi, I’m Andre Boykin and for the last 17 years I have been coaching and training sales people, business owners, and professionals such as CPAs and Consultants.  I utilize my sales training programs to help them sell more business volume and more profitable business.

It doesn’t make any difference if “salesperson” is in your title or not. If you have to go out into a marketplace and create value for potential clients you are (at least in my book anyway) a sales person.  You need to be able to consistently produce new customers and clients and increase business with current customers and clients.

And, you want to reach your sales goals by using a system based on sales skill and not just “luck” or using deceitful “sales tactics” that a lot of sales training programs teach.

There is a strong likelihood that you have had some success, but you can’t figure out a system so you can duplicate your success over and over.

The best sales people follow a system or sales process that allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition and thus sell a high volume of profitable business.

Using a proven sales process you’ll be able to sell effectively. You will be able to uncover your prospects needs and be consultative throughout the sales cycle.  Your prospects will appreciate you and reward you with business now and in the future.

Selling this way is fun and exciting because you are getting the results you want to get.  You’re not wondering if you are going to get the business, but confident in the outcome of the sale.



Through my sales training programs, I’ve helped hundreds of sales people, business owners and other professionals reach their sales goals. My clients have increase their earnings and business revenues as well as obtained a higher quality of life through my sales coaching and training.Why not get a sense of my approach to selling and how you can benefit your sales efforts. I would life for you to have a free gift:  The 20 Insider Secrets for Maximizing Your Sales Results

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