Andre Boykin has over twenty five years of working with people and organizations to help them maximize their performance. His experience spans from business development, operations, management, and finance to training and development. Andre is an accomplished speaker, lecturer, facilitator, and trainer and has the ability to reach his audience and move people to action. Andre has presented over 5,000 presentations, speeches, and lectures. He is highly requested to speak at corporate functions, international group events, and professional association conferences.

After a distinguished career in Corporate America, Andre and his partner, Shari Roth, formed CAPITAL iDEA in 2002. CAPITAL iDEA is a firm that works with organizations to create environments where employees are engaged, valued, and achieve outstanding results and was named a top 100 small business by South Florida Business Leaders Magazine. Andre works with the leadership and sales teams to help them develop the skills and attitudes necessary to reach organizational goals. Andre has worked with leaders and sales teams in over seventeen industries, including: distribution, consumer package goods, healthcare, construction, insurance, finance, and hospitality. Andre has been featured in numerous local and national publications on topics of sales and leadership. He is a co-author of the popular sales book Masterminds Unleashed: Selling For Geniuses.

Andre has developed, designed, and delivered training for national and international teams and has served on the board of directors for the American Society of Training and Development. Andre holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Memphis and is a certified Behavioral and Workplace Motivators Analyst and certified for the Hartman Value Profile along with several other designations. Andre frequently volunteers with Junior Achievement to help shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

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