Activity Versus Accomplishment?

With all the other stuff sales people have to do as part of their jobs or business, it seems there just isn’t enough time left over to sell. There is the paperwork, dealing with internal company issues, meetings, reports, and a whole bunch of other “busy work” that doesn’t have an impact on getting a deal done. Therefore, it is important to not let the other stuff that you have to do cause you to lose sight of what your main goal is and that is to sell business!

Winning the sales game requires efficient and effective use of time. That means you have to be able to manage priorities and set your schedule based on priorities. Look at your sales process and determine what activities move the sale forward. You should spend the most time on these activities. Things such as making appointments, meeting with prospects, following-up with prospects, networking, meeting with referral sources are just some to the “rainmaking” activities that you should be doing most of the time.

Doing the right activities is important and doing the right activities at the right time is just as important. Schedule your time so that you are doing the rainmaking activities during the prime time. For example it is much better to be in front of a prospect at 10:00 AM than doing paperwork in your office at that hour. Schedule the admin and other non-rainmaking activities during times when you are least likely to be able to meet with prospects.

Look at the non-rainmaking activities to see which ones you could actually have someone else do. If you have an administrative assistant, look to see if they could take on some of these non-rainmaking activities. Other people in your company may also be able to handle some of the non-sales related activities too. Delegation of even one or two of these non-sales activities can make a difference. The difference will not only impact your time, but also your attitude and disposition. In my experience the aptitudes, motivators, and behaviors that make you a good salesperson generally make you horrible at doing the admin stuff.

At the end of the day, you can’t afford to confuse being busy with accomplishing something. Just because you are completing an activity doesn’t mean it the best thing to be doing in the moment. The question to answer is: am I working on an activity that is helping me accomplish my goal of selling business? This has to be the barometer you use so that at you don’t fall onto the trap of confusing activity with accomplishment.

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