Are You Fanatical?

We’re dead smack in the middle of football season.   Every Sunday and Monday teams line up to compete on the football field with the goal to win the game.  The players expend a lot of energy on the field and one group of players will be elated at the end of the game and another group of players will be disappointed and think about “what if”.   Just as interesting as the game, and more so in some instances, are the fans.  Fan is short for fanatical and that is certainly an appropriate name for people who follow a sports team.Fans

A fan is special.  They root for the team and never give up hope.  Their team could be down by three touchdowns with two minutes to go and the fan says: “it doesn’t look good but we can still pull it out.  A touchdown here, two onside kick recoveries, score two more touchdowns. Yeah that’s doable in two minutes!”  Well, that’s a fan for you.

You can sum up a fan in one word and that’s ENTHUSIASM.  All fans have it.  In fact you can’t be a fan without it.  Zig Ziggler said that the last four letters of the word enthusiasm, IASM, makes a great acronym.  He said IASM stands for: I Am Sold Myself.  Now isn’t that true of fans.  They are sold on their team.  And, if you say something bad about their team, they will make you curse your mother for giving you birth.  No question, they are sold on the team.

Zig made an application for sales people about the concept of “being sold”.  He asked: “how could you sell something to someone else if you are not sold yourself?”  Are you a fan of your company, the products you sell, the services you provide?  If not, a good thing to do would be to examine why.  You could get all the sales development training, the latest technology, and anything else, but if you are not sold on what you bring to the marketplace, you will not be successful.

C’mon be fanatical about your company and your products!  The bigger fan you are the more you will sell.

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