Attitudes and Winning The Sales Game

Winning the sales game is not just about having the skills to be successful in the sales game.  Sales skills are very important and necessary to be successful in sales, but your attitude will ultimately make the difference in you being at the top in your industry.  I’m sure this is not the first time you have heard that attitude is everything.  The question is: do you know what an attitude is and secondly, do you know how to develop new attitudes?

What is an Attitude?

Almost every motivational sales speaker talks about attitudes.  You probably hear it at your company about having great attitudes.  Even Patti LaBelle said “I’ve got a new attitude.”  So what is an attitude?  Simply stated, attitudes are habits of thought.  When Napoleon Hill gave this definition he was dead on.  We all have habitual ways of thinking.  In fact, almost everything we do, some say up to 98%, on a daily basis is done out of habit.  How many times have you left work with the intention of making a stop to pick up something on the way home and found yourself at home without having picked up what you wanted?  That’s because you go home from work by habit.

The same is true for our habitual ways of thinking.  We have a situation, and we have a habitual thought process about that situation. When our habitual thought patterns or attitudes don’t empower us or take us closer to our goals, that’s when we need to have a change in our attitudes.  Some examples of disempowering attitudes for sales people could be: my marketplace is horrible, nobody can sell to that prospect, I can’t meet my sales quota, or life sucks.  You get the picture.  What is holding you back are all of those disempowering habits of thought that you have, not the marketplace, prospects, your company, etc.

How to Change Attitudes

One of the reasons that thinking is so negative these days is we are bombarded with negative news.  If you read the newspaper or watch the news on TV, you get a healthy dose of negative. How can you change your attitudes in the face of all the negative stuff?  The fist step is to realize that you have control over what you think about.  It takes effort and could be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but you do have control over what you think.  To aid you in controlling what you think, watch what you put in your mind.  You may need to cut back on some of your news intake.  Why not read something positive instead, listen to a positive recording, or meditate?  By putting positive in your brain, you don’t take the negative out.  It’s still there.  What you are doing is expanding your thinking.  The more positive you put in, the more positive your thinking will be.

Like it or not, we are creatures of habit.  Not in just what we do, but also in how we think.  That means in order to develop the habit of positive intake, you will have to literally force yourself to do it until it is a habit.  How long will it take?  I don’t know.  However long it takes it’s worth it.  The results you will see in your improved performance and outlook on life will be well worth the effort you expend.  Why not go for it?

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