Be Adaptable In Communicating With Prospects

5,965 could be a large number for some things and a small number for other things. The number is just a number and the significance is relative to the subject matter. For the subject matter I’m speaking of. 5,965 is a large number. This is the number of text messages my youngest son Tyler had last month. It’s a good thing I have unlimited text messaging for his account! I said to myself, how could someone text that much in one month? In a 30 day period Tyler had to text on the average almost 200 text messages a day. Pretty impressive number isn’t’ it? This new way of communicating is actually fascinating. Both my sons would rather text than call. They’re both in college and very busy doing college stuff and the preferred method of communicating for them is texting.

For me texting does not come as naturally as it does for them. It seems it takes me a long time to scratch out a sentence on the phone. Maybe my fingers are too large or the key pad is too small. Either way, for me it just seems to take a long time to send even a three word text. I’m waiting for the voice recognition text technology to become widely available. But if I’m going to be in communication with my sons, I’d better get used to the idea texting.

Prospects and customers have a way they prefer to communicate too. If you are insistent on communicating the way you want to communicate and not the way they want to communicate, you are going to have communication breakdowns. It would be wise to check with your customers and prospects and ask what the preferred method of communication is. Some may prefer email, some telephone, some virtual meetings, and yes, some even texting.

Being adaptable to customer’s and prospect’s needs is what selling is all about. If you can’t be adaptable to communicate in the manner in which customers and prospects prefer, are you really the one they should partner with in a business relationship?

Be adaptable! For me, I’ve got to start exercising my thumbs. I want to get my fair share of the 5,965.

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