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John has just finished his sales call and is feeling totally dejected because he has just lost another sale.  He tried his best to get this sale and worked long hours in preparing the presentation and proposal.   John thought the meeting was going well and felt he was totally on target to get the business.  But the final answer from his prospect was “NO.”

What caused John to lose sale?  The answer is simple.  John lost the sale because he did not create enough value in the eyes of his prospect to warrant them to do business with him!

Is this happening to you over and over again?  Do you as a sales person or service professional (CPA, Consultant, Attorney) continue to lose business that you feel you should be getting?  If the answer is “yes”, read on.

The Three Critical Things you have to do to create value with your prospects:

Let your prospect know you have their best interest in mind.  Your prospect has to feel that you have their best interest in mind.  If you prospect feels that you are there just to make a sale, they will not give you any value for that.  Your prospect will feel you have their best interest in mind if your conversations are focused on them versus being focused on you.

Asking questions instead of talking all the time.  It seems as if sales people or service professionals feel they have to be talking to be successful in selling their product or service.  Actually the opposite is true.  If you are asking questions that are focused on your prospects needs your prospect will have more confidence that you want to understand the issues they are facing and really want to do something that will help them.

Be unique.   You have to show how you are different from all the competitive alternatives that are available for your prospect.  If you don’t show your uniqueness you will be viewed the same as everybody else.  If you are viewed the same as your competitor, the only thing left to compare you against your competitor is price.  If you are the low cost provider, fine.  But if you are not, you are in big trouble as far as getting the sale is concerned.

Getting business sales training or corporate sales training is a good way to develop your sales skills.  That’s why I offer a unique blend of sales training and coaching.  In my programs you can learn the sales skills to be successful and get coaching to help you implement those skills on a day in day out basis in the marketplace.



Through my sales training programs, I’ve helped hundreds of sales people, business owners and other professionals reach their sales goals. My clients have increase their earnings and business revenues as well as obtained a higher quality of life through my sales coaching and training.

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