Closing The Sale – Part I

One of the most common questions new and seasoned sales people is: what is the best closing technique you use? The question is rooted in the thought that there is something you can say at a specific point in the sales process that will snatch the sale from the darkness of the abyss to the light of a new dawning day. Let me shed some light on this whole business of closing techniques.

Closing techniques have been around for ages. You probably have heard of some of them: the Ben Franklin, forced choice, assumptive, and last chance close. I even heard of one close called the “my Mama” close. It went something like this. “Mr. /Ms. Prospect when I was young, I always wanted to be in sales. My mama told me that if I did a good job of explaining the benefits of my product and answering any questions my prospects might have, then I would be assured the prospect would buy from me. So the question I have for you today is: do you think my mama was telling me the truth?” Sounds weird doesn’t it? But in general most closing techniques are weird. They are awkward and weird for you the sales person and for your prospect.

There is no mystery in closing a sale. Simplified, in order to close a sale you have to eliminate all of the options your prospect may be considering to solve the problem they have. When you do that, closing the sale is as natural as saying hello and good-bye. The close is simply the process of gaining agreement from your prospect to do business. It is a natural outcome of the sales process. If you understand the needs and wants of your prospect, and you have shown in a compelling way how your products and services satisfy those needs and wants, then there is no other conclusion the prospect can come to other than to buy from you. The problem is most sales people have not uncovered the needs and wants and effectively eliminated the other options the prospect may be considering. So instead, they look for some magical phrase or question that will turn the tide in their favor.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to cover the things that are necessary to gain agreement with your prospect. When you learn these skills you will be able to sell more business.

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