How Fear Keeps You From Success In Sales

What do you fear?   The answer to that question will be different for almost everyone you speak to.  The irony is that we all have fears that are so different.  Yet when we were born, we only had two fears.

Everyone is born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  Every fear we have now beyond the two original fears was developed.  A more relevant question we can ask sales professionals and service providers is what fears may be limiting your success in sales?

I was talking with a sales professional not long ago and he was telling me about how he would like to be able to close better.  I asked him what did he mean and he said he is sometimes weak on closing and even forgets to ask for the business.

I told him he was not weak in closing, but rather had a fear of closing.

Fear is nothing more that our brains telling us of a future outcome that we are freighted of or have an anxiety about.  What completes fear is we believe what our brain is telling us about the future is true.

An Acronym for FEAR

F – false

E – expectations

A – appearing

R – real

Consider that fear is something imaginary that we make into a real thing.

How can fear stand in the way of our sales success?

The most detrimental fear for sales professionals and service providers is fear of rejection.  The fear of rejection is what has sales professionals not take action when action is needed.

For example, you need to approach a prospect about your product or service.  Instead you put it off until tomorrow telling yourself the “timing was not right today.”  When tomorrow comes you put it off again and make another excuse or use the same one from yesterday.  Your inactivity is caused by fear.  The fear keeps you from making the contact you need to make.

The same fear factor can keep you inactive on other matters too.  You are afraid to ask the tough questions such as: “are you ready to get started?”

There is no magic cure for fear of rejection. It takes a conscious effort to replace the fear with courage.

The opposite of fear is courage.  There can be no courage without fear.  Courage is when you take action when you are afraid.  There is no courage if you take action and you are not afraid.

You can develop courage by changing your attitudes.  You have to have the attitude that the products and services you have make a difference for people.  In fact, you have to have the attitude that if you don’t take action you are doing a disservice to your prospect.

When you truly wrap your brain around the fact that fear is you being afraid of an outcome that you are not certain is going to happen, you will be more likely to act courageously.   Just remember, you don’t know how your prospect is going to react.  Take the situation where you are afraid to call.  If you call, your prospect could say an enthusiastically “I’m so glad you called!”  They could also say a nasty “Don’t call me anymore.”

When you think about it, you win either way.  If your prospect says the later, you don’t have to waste your time thinking about them anymore.  Isn’t that great!

The bottom line is to be aware that we all have fear.  Put the fear into the proper perspective.  Take action in the face of fear.

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