How Holiday Shopping Is Like A Sales Plan

We are officially deep into the holiday season.  For a lot of people this means last minute shopping, crowded malls, and sometimes a lot of stress.  Folks are making plans for having visitors in the home, how they will take a few days off, and just in general making plans on how they will enjoy the holidays.

Making plans can be fun and they certainly add enjoyment to whatever we are doing.  Take shopping for example.  You make plans to go to the mall and get a gift for Uncle Joe.  While you may not know exactly what you want to get Uncle Joe, the plan is to leave the mall with a gift the he will appreciate.

You arrive at the mall, find a parking space, brave the crowds, negotiate the long checkout lines, and you get the gift for Uncle Joe.  Don’t you feel the sense of satisfaction?  You set out to do something and you did it!  Sure it was difficult.  You had to take yourself out of the normal routine to achieve your goal.  But, you did it and you feel great about it.

Making plans to be successful in your selling efforts is very similar to shopping for that gift for Uncle Joe.  Success starts with a plan.  Having a target or goal is the first step towards achieving anything.  It is very rare to just “happen upon” success.

As human beings we are happiest when we are striving after something.  This is not necessarily a competitive thing.  This is a focus on achievement thing.  What gives us the satisfaction of accomplishment is because we set out to do something.

It is when we have to strive and overcome obstacles in order to reach our goals that allow us to look back on our achievements with a sense of pride.   We did what it took to accomplish what we said we were going to do.

When we have no goals or objectives we are like a raft on the ocean just drifting wherever the current takes us.  If we arrive at land there is no sense of accomplishment because we didn’t strive to reach land.  It just showed up.

Now is a good time to think about what goals and objectives you want to reach next year.  Will this be a breakthrough year for you?  Will this be your best year ever?  It probably won’t be, if you don’t make plans for it to be.

Set your targets high.  You don’t have to know and see every aspect of how you’re going to reach your target.  Develop your plan based on your best thinking that you have now and make adjustments as you need to.

When you went shopping for Uncle Joe, you didn’t have everything figured out.  You just knew you were going to the mall and get a gift.

So take some time during this holiday season as you celebrate and bring the year to a close, about what you want to accomplish next year.  When you do so you will find an excitement starting to build that will just propel you out of the gate for a fast start to 2011.

Happy Selling & Happy Holidays

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