How Sales Force Training Gives You A Competitive Advantage

By Andre Boykin

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In today’s business environment prospects are more educated about their buying decisions than ever before.  In addition, the volume of information that is available and available instantly is astounding.  To keep pace with your prospective clients and customers you have to have sales force training.  A well trained sales force can be the competitive advantage you need to be the market leader.  Let’s look at three areas you want to have your sales force well trained in.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt

The first area you want to have your sales force trained in is product knowledge.  On the surface this may sound like education.   Training goes beyond education.  Training is learning a skill.   You want your sales team to be able to use the product knowledge to provide unique solutions that will give you a competitive advantage.

Product knowledge extends to knowing about your competitor’s products and services too.  You want your sales team to know and be able to use information about your competition that puts you in a better position to win the sale.  This does not mean you “bad mouth” the competition.  It means you are able to present your alternatives and solutions in the best light.

Win With Sales Skills

The next area to have your team well trained in is sales skills.  Sales skills fall into two areas that need attention.   The first area is sales strategy and the second is sales tactics.

Sales strategy has to do with the plan to win the business.  Strategy would consist of things like: planning for all of the influencers in the buying process, the plan to get into the company, and the pricing strategies you will use.  These are just a few of the strategies that need to be planned in a sales campaign.  Having your sales force aware and capable to develop sales strategies will allow them to act decisively and confidently.

The next area of sales skills is sales tactics.  Sales tactics are the actions you will take to implement the sales strategy.  Consider it is one thing to create a sales plan and it takes a different skill set to implement the sales plan.

Get Your Mind Right

Lastly, you want your sales force to be well trained in the attitudes they have.  You sales team, in order to be successful, has to have the right mindset.   One critical mindset to have is to place the prospect’s needs first.  Another is to have the mindset that the products or services they provide are the absolute best available for the investment.  Additionally, they should feel these products and services are provided by the best organization in the industry.  Anything less than this type of thought process will put your team at a disadvantage.

In summary, sales force training will give you a competitive advantage.  Make sure you are constantly expanding the product knowledge, sales skills, and developing the right attitudes of your sales team.

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