How To Close A Sale – Part III

We’ve been exploring the ins and outs of how to close a sale.  We have talked about closing techniques and how they really don’t work in today’s marketplace.  We have looked at how to gain agreement through out the sales process so that after you present your solution your prospect is in the habit of saying yes.  One thing that cannot be overlooked in closing a sale is to simply ask for the business.

When I first started selling, I was working hard to get a piece of business with a small manufacturing company.  In spite of not really knowing how to sell, I wasn’t doing too badly in terms of moving the sales forward.  I think one of the reasons I was able to get as far as I did was I have always had the raw talent to have people be at ease around me.  For some reason, people feel free to talk with me in an open and straight forward way.  So even though I was doing a lot of things wrong, I had made it to the point of presenting a good solution for his needs.  After I had finished with my presentation he asked me what he should do.  You’re not going to believe it, but I said let’s go over some of the pieces of the presentation again.  He was ready to buy, but I did not ask for the business.  I did not get the deal.  Moral of the story is you have to ask people to do business with you.

People may like you and even want to do business with you.  Rarely though, will they say let’s get started.  You have to ask (or tell) the next step is to get started.  This is a simple thing, but I have experienced it and have seen it many times when all is needed is simply to ask: “when do you want to start?”

You don’t have to wait until you have completed your presentation either.  Many times prospects make up their minds before you conclude your presentation.   Don’t be afraid to ask for the business when you think your prospect is ready to buy.  You can always fill them in on the details of the presentation later.

Be looking for the signs that your prospect is ready to buy and then ask for the business. Don’t have fear, it’s easy.

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