Is Sales a Numbers Game?

You may have heard, or even said it yourself that selling is a numbers game. But is this a true statement or not? I say yes and no. Yes, numbers matter, but skill matter most. The sales game is a skills game. The more skills you have the more success you have.

How did this notion of sales being a numbers game come about in the first place? If you do anything over a period of time a ratio will appear. If you ball up a piece of paper and throw it at the trash can across the room often enough you will develop a ratio. For example, every 10 times you throw a piece of paper, you could have 8 go in the trash can (pretty good percentage). So now you can go out and tell everyone in order for you to make 8 shots you have to take 10. What has happened in sales is someone figured out their calls to sales ratio and said it takes “x” number of calls for me to make a sale. So my close ratio is y. To some degree this makes sense and certainly is logical.

But what if the close ratio could be improved if the skill level was improved? Well, you might say our top sales person has this ratio. I can understand your rational, but what if your top sales person was just average? What I’m pointing out here is the numbers which represents activity is something to look at and consider, but the most important thing to look at is how effective are you on each sales opportunity.

So, while sales numbers are important, don’t overlook how effective you are being in your sales activity. Seek to improve your skills. Get sales training to improve your sales techniques. Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment. After all, you don’t get paid for making sales calls; you get paid for making sales.

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