Know Your Competition Part II

Ted Kennedy died a couple of days ago and it seems there is a sense of sadness around the country for the passing of the Senator from Massachusetts. Regardless of whether people agreed with his positions on political issues or not, there is little debate that he devoted his life to public service. There was this same sense of loss with the death of Michael Jackson a couple of months ago. I was thinking about why do we feel such a sense of sadness and loss when a celebrity or public figure dies.

With the constant and instant availability of news and communications, today’s world allows us to have an unprecedented access to celebrities and public figures. We know the likes and dislikes of celebrities and public figures because it is reported in so many forms of media. We have the TV magazine shows, people sections of newspapers, and the internet. If you really searched hard enough you could probably find out what your favorite celebrity had for dinner last night. This access to information actually creates the feeling that we “know” the celebrities or public figures on a personal level. This contributes to the sense of loss and sadness when there is the death of a celebrity or public figure.

There is a lesson that can be learned from these recent high profile deaths. From a sales point of view, how well do you know your prospects and customers? Do you know them as well as you know your favorite celebrity? Do you know their hobbies and recreational preferences? After all, how many people don’t know that Ted Kennedy liked sailing? Your goal should be to know as much about your prospect as possible. Not only the needs and wants from a business perspective, but the personal things that make them unique as individuals.

Why not set out to know your prospects. You could make a personal information form that you keep the personal information for each prospect. That form could include information about their children, hobbies, favorite books they like to read, places they like to travel, etc. When you can establish a relationship on the personal level as well as the business level, you are in a better position to win the sale.

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