Leverage Relationships to Make More Sales

One on the most effective ways of getting a sale is to establish relationships. To win the sales game, you have to leverage the relationships between your prospect and your company. Think of the sales process as if you are the conductor of an orchestra. Your job is to make sure all of the players are together on the same sheet of music, working in harmony with each other. Leveraging relationships is an important not only in getting the sale, but increases the likelihood of a long association with your customer.

The key to leveraging relationships with your prospect is to look at who can have the most impact in helping you to get the sale. You want to look at your prospect and ask yourself who does this person need to meet in my company that could move the sale process closer to gaining agreement to do business? Also, ask yourself; in my prospect’s company who needs to meet key people from my company? The relationships you are seeking to establish between key people in your company and your prospect’s company are the relationships that can really make a difference in you making a sale.

I was involved in a sale where the prospect was so unhappy with the current supplier’s invoicing of their account, that getting a correct invoice was a major consideration for selecting another vendor. I introduced the person who handled my company’s invoicing to the person who processed the invoices for my prospect and made sure that they not only knew each other but they could work well together. I feel leveraging that relationship between the administrative staff of the two organizations was the key for me in getting the deal.

So what you want to do in establishing relationships with prospects is to establish relationships at all levels. Introduce admin to admin, safety to safety, President or owners of your prospect’s company to the highest position person from your organization. By establishing these “like for like” relationships, you make it easier for your prospect to do business with you. After all, they have already gotten to know your company and the people they will be working with on a daily basis..

If you have difficulty in building relationships one of the best things you can do is get sales skill training on building relationships. The time you invest in developing this sales skill will be well worth the effort.

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