Make Sales Training Your Own

In order to win at the sales game you have to have great sales skills.  Some sales people think there is no need for sales skills and “wing it”   They rely heavily on their personality and verbal skills to achieve a level of success.  The great ones in sales though always utilize selling skills to consistently produce results.

The reason you need to develop your sales skills is there are two processes happening anytime there is a sale.  There is the buying process and the selling process.  The buying process is the steps your prospect goes through to make a decision about your product or service.  The selling process is the steps you go through to understand your prospect’s needs, develop and present a solution, and gain agreement to do business. The more sales skills you have the better able you are to not only understand what is happening in each step of the buying and selling process, but how to position yourself to win the sale.

There are so many ways to develop your sales skills.  Sales training comes in a variety of forms.  You probably have a sales training program if you sell for a company.  If you are a business owner or entrepreneur you probably have purchased some sales training courses.  A good introductory sales training course can be found at   What ever sales training you have or have been exposed to, it is vital to your sales success that you make the sales training your own.

What do I mean by making the sales training your own?  What I mean is: don’t take the examples and scripts or sales techniques that are often contained in sales training and use them word for word.  You have to be you.  Take the scripts and personalize them to fit who you are.  In any sales situation the first thing you want to be is authentic.  A prospect can see right through you if you are trying to be someone you are not.  I think sales scripts and certain techniques are valuable tools to develop your sales skills.  The danger is being robotic.  Take the principle from the script and ask yourself: “how would I say the same thing, or make the same point?”  If you practice the sales techniques until you are comfortable in delivering them, you will be at ease and effective when you are in front of a prospect.

Happy Selling!

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