Measure Your Sales Performance

An old performance management tenant states, “When performance gets measured, performance improves.” The truth of this statement is revealed over and over. We see time and time again in the sports world how records continue to be broken. The reason for keeping records is so comparisons can be made to top performance. The same holds true winning the sales game.

Your Measurement System

The first step in setting up your measurement system is to determine what is important for you to measure. What sort of activities should you be measuring? The answer is every significant sales activity. For example, if you make cold calls to generate prospects, then you would want to track at a minimum the number of phone calls made, number of times contact was made, and number of appointments generated.

Once you have determined the activities to measure, make a simple form for you to track the activity. You can use an electronic spreadsheet or simply make tic marks manually. Don’t get hung up on what type of method to use, just use a method that works for you. Keep it simple and easy to use.

How To Measure Activity

After you have determined the activities you are going to measure, then you can assign a point value to each activity. Next, determine the number of points you want to achieve each day. Measure your performance daily and weekly to your goal. Remember the purpose of keeping the measurement is to improve performance. Reviewing your activity helps you analyze are you doing the right things and are you doing things right. If you are not doing the right activities to be successful, you can analyze your time management, attitude, etc. If you are doing the activities but not getting the results, you can analyze your methods, seek training, etc.

Therefore, in order to win the sales game measures performance and analyzes the results. Always seek to improve performance.

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