Persistence Is Key To Winning The Sales Game

I have a yellow lab and if you know anything about the breed you know that they are the most loving dogs around.  They always want to be near you and lay at your feet.  They just make excellent pets.

One thing about my lab though is that  she is persistent with a capital “P”.  If  I go to the refrigerator or get something to eat, she takes her spot right next to me just in case a morsel drops to the  floor or I break down and give her a sample.  No matter how many times I nudge her away she always comes back.  No shame, no embarrassment, no thinking “I got nudged away last time”, she’s right there.   Twinkie

If you want to win the sales game you have to develop the “yellow lab mentality”  You have to be persistent.  When people say “no” consider that this just a starting point of selling.  After all, if no one says “no” you’re just an order taker and there is no selling involved.

The question is: what does it take to be persistent?  Persistence is to continue steadfastly and the word carries the connotation of continuing in spite of resistance.  For sales people to win the sales game persistence has to be about “keep on keeping on” despite the setbacks of lost deals, rejections, and tough circumstances like the economy.

Persistence is an attitude.  If you are not being persistent it’s because you are not thinking persistent.  If you let all the setbacks, disappointments, and the “no’s” keep you from being in action,  it is your attitude that you need to work on.  Here are a few tips for developing an attitude of persistence.  Every morning, wake up and look in the mirror and say ” I am a persistent person.”   Do the same thing before you go to bed at night.  I’m not going to go into the science of affirmation here.   Let’s just say you create new patterns of thinking when you do affirmations.  Do this for thirty days and notice the difference.

So you’re probably thinking how can I do something for thirty days when I’ m not persistent?  Don’t worry  about the thirty days, just do one day.  Then tomorrow, do one day….and so on.   You could break it down to “this morning”.  Don’t worry about tonight yet.  Just do it this morning.  You get the idea.  Once you get it going you’ll find each day is a little bit easier.  You’ll also find it easier to be persistent in your sales efforts too.

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