Plan Your Sales Calls in Advance

I’m riding my motorcycle down the interstate in the far right lane and I see a care ahead that is pulled off on the shoulder of the expressway. I notice the driver is still in the car and I anticipated that this person may pull out in front of me. This was a problem because I had a car immediately to my left and I was fast approaching the car that was on the shoulder. So I slowed down to let the car pass me on my left just in case this guy pulls out. That way I could move over into the other lane. And guess what? The guy pulled out; no blinker or warning of any kind. By anticipating the car may pull out into my lane, I avoided disaster.

I like to ride my motorcycle. To me it is the most fun you can have on two wheels. I have a Harley Davidson Street Glide (105 anniversary edition). It’s really cool. One thing about motorcycle riding is you have to anticipate what other drivers may do. You really can’t take it for granted that someone will not pull out in front of you or not run a read light. I’m convinced that car drivers are not trying to run motorcycles off the road (well for most drivers…some I’m not so sure). But, at the end of the day if I don’t want to eat asphalt, I had better pay attention to what is going on around me and anticipate what others will do.

Sales is similar in that to sell more business you have to anticipate what can happen. Before a sales call you want to visualize what will happen in the call. Play out all of the scenarios in your head and develop a strategy for each scenario. Anticipate the questions that could be asked and know how you’re going to respond to each one. This should be part of your sales call preparation.

Each time you make a sales call develop a pre-sales call plan. Know exactly what you want to accomplish, what you want them to do, how you’re going to approach the call, etc. Laying this out in advance puts you in a better position to actually have the outcome you want.

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