Sales Force Training

Attention Sales Managers, Sales People, and Service Professionals….

……Is Sales Force Training and Sales Coaching the same thing?

John is a member of your sales team and he is excellent at meeting new prospects and being able to establish rapport.  John however, is not so good at being able to close the sale and secure the business.

Sheila is just the opposite.   She is an outstanding closer, but struggles with prospecting and bringing new potential clients into the sales funnel.

You as the sales manager recognize that they both have the capability to performing all of the tasks in the sales process.  But, they just haven’t developed the skills in the areas they are performing poorly in.  What’s the answer?  Well you could cut John and Sheila in half and take the best from both.  If you did that you would only have one sales person and you need two.  OK, let’s take that option off the table.

You could get sales skill training.  Great idea!  The problem is if you send them both to the same training program, fifty percent of the program is going to be a waste for both of them.

Here in lies one of the key differences between sales training and sales coaching.  In sales coaching, the sales person gets to work on what is important to them.  That mean John can work on closing and Sheila can work on prospecting.  Truly a win/win.

But the difference is more than that.  Chances are John and Sheila have already had sales training on the areas they are performing poorly in.  What they haven’t had is development.

In training a new skill is being learned.  Development is taking that new skill and using it until mastery.  Sales coaching is mostly about development.  It is working on doing what we know to do and removing what is standing in the way of doing it.

That is why sales coaching provides a much greater return on investment.  How many times have you seen where training was done and you could not tell the difference between before the training and after the training?  What makes the difference is reinforcement of the concepts learned in the training.

Let’s face it, very few people do all of the time what they know to do.  They usually do what is comfortable for them or what they have been in the habit of doing.  The key is to have a sales person be comfortable with the new skill and develop the habit of using the skills learned in sales training.  Sales coaching has both components sales training and skills development!

So if you see something in members of your sales team that need to be improved, then sales coaching might be the best way to go.

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