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For People In Sales: Are You Struggling To Meet Your Sales Targets?

Why Sales Skills Training and Coaching?

Are you struggling to meet your sales quota or revenue targets?  There is a tremendous pressure that you feel when you have the responsibility to make sales and you are not producing.  That pressure builds and it seems there is no way to escape it.

In addition, when you have not made your sales quota each call becomes a “I gotta make a sale here” call.  Your prospect senses your desperation and you don’t get the sale because you make your prospect nervous.

You have tried to learn how to sell.   Maybe you attended a sales training class or bought a book or two on selling.  But nothing has worked for you so far.

If you are not making sales you need a solution.  You need a solution that will allow you to develop the skills you need to be successful.

Selling is a skill that needs to be learned and developed. Sales coaching is the best method of sales skills training available.

If you want to have a breakthrough in your sales performance consider sales coaching.

In sales coaching you can apply what you learn in actual sales situations and get feedback coaching.   That means you not only learn sales skills, but how to incorporate them into your sales routine.  You will close more business.

What We Do

We work on the critical area that are blocking you from achieving a top level of sales performance.

Here are some potential areas we can work on together:

Setting sales targets and goals – revenue targets, close ratios, targets for prospecting, and other sales activities.  Setting clear targets is the foundation for sales success.
Presentations – how to make a capabilities presentation that earns you creditability with your prospect. How to make a proposal that will gain agreement to buy your product or service.  This allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition and compels your prospect to buy from you.
Prospecting – how to get referrals, how to work smarter not harder!  You’ll know exactly what to say to begin the process to gain commitment from your prospect.
Handling objections – how to get to “yes.”  You will have confidence in your ability to handle any objection your prospect may have.  When you have “no fear” selling is easy.
Closing – you know what this is about!  You’ll earn more commissions!
Time and territory management – you can set a system that will allow you to maximize your time and stop wasting time on unproductive activities.
Questioning Skills – how to ask questions that lead to getting business

There are many facets of the sales process that could be preventing you from reaching your sales goals.  Before we get started in our work together,  we will determine which of our coaching programs is best for you.  That way we can target the areas that are important for you.

How We Do It

We have both group coaching sessions for companies and of course one-on-one coaching too.

Group sessions can be virtual online sessions or at your location.   One-on-one sessions are over the phone.

We always start with personal assessments.  The assessments are diagnostic tools that will help us determine what you need to work on.  You are not forced into a “one size fits all” coaching program.

Each coaching program is customized and tailored to your individual needs.  Isn’t that great!  You don’t have to waste time on stuff that is not important to you.

You could waste time and money trying to find the right sales skills training program.   Why not go for proven system that has helped hundreds of people improve their sales!

Experience the benefits of sales coaching right now.  Call to schedule your initial complementary session.

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Happy Selling


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