Sales Training Versus Sales Development

When a company invests in sales training, the expectation is to get a return on that investment in the form of more sales volume and more profitable sales.  Often though, companies do not see the return on their investment in sales training.  Why is that?  The reason is companies don’t understand the difference between sales training and sales development.

Sales training is teaching someone the skills needed to be effective in the sales process.  Sales development is helping someone use the sales skills they have more effectively.  The reason companies don’t see the return on their investment in sales training is they often end at the training and have no sales development.  They send people to sales training and after the training they may see some improvement in sales volume and profitability sold, but nothing like they anticipated.  Then, there is more investment in sales training because the sales and executive management think more training is the key to getting more sales.

In order to get the return desired from your investment is sales training, you have to have  a sales development process or program.  This just makes sense.  You have to reinforce the sales training with a process that inculcates the training so that your sales team forms a habit of using the sales skills they have been trained in.  The reason why sales development is necessary is because knowing how to do something has never made a difference.  I don’t know how many books have been written on how to lose weight, but I know it has been a ton of them.  The thing is everyone knows how to lose weight.  Eat less, exercise more.  No mystery here!  But why is it that people don’t do what they know to do?  Now if you can answer that question, you could solve all of the world’s problems.  The fact, as it relates to sales, is you need to have a process that reinforces the sales training so that your sales people practice the skills until they become habit.

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If not CAPITAL iDEA, use someone that not only does sales training, but also has a process to reinforce the training.

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