Selling For Geniuses

I’m really excited about the release of a book I co-authored.  The title of the book is: Masterminds Unleashed: Selling For Geniuses.

Sales Training Manual
Sales Training Manual

I wrote this book with seven colleagues of mine who are experts in the area of speaking, consulting, and coaching.  When we started the project, we wanted to write a book that was a little different than the common sales book.  We wanted to create something that everyone in sales could benefit from and reach a target audience of the professional who has to sell, but doesn’t consider themselves to be a sales person.

A lot of professionals fall into the category of what I call the non-sales professional who has to sell.  Business owners are a great example.   Business owners usually have specific knowledge about what they do, but need to be able to powerfully convey what they do to potential customers.  The same is true for consultants, CPAs, attorneys, architects, and many others. Selling For Geniuses is a book that really is a sales training manual. The reader can use the information as a guide to be effective with potential customers and sell more business.

Most professional in becoming experts in what they do, usually did not take the time along the way to do sales skill training. Because, selling is a skill in order to be really good at it you have to learn and develop some basic sales skills. This book will allow the professional who has not had formal sales training to see some practical things they can do to sell business. In addition, there is a great chapter on networking and how to measure marketing activities for maximum results.

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