What Are You Going To Achieve In 2010?

For a lot of people this is the first workday of the new year and decade.  As the new year starts a good question to ask is where do I wan to be at the end of the year?  Steven Covey in his 7 habits of highly effective people says begin with the end in mind.  Having the ability to get what you want starts with knowing what you want.  Winning the sales game and developing winning posture also begins with goal setting.  So then, as the new year begins, take the time to develop a clear picture of what you want to achieve this year. 2010goals

Setting goals is not something that comes naturally for a lot of people.  It is a skill that has to be developed.  Setting goals requires that you first decide what you want and express it in a statement that is specific and measurable.

Goal setting should not only encompass your professional life, but also your personal life too.  Set goals for your family, social, physical, mental, and spiritual areas of your life.  You’ll find that setting goals in all of the areas of life that are important to you will give you a new outlook and purpose for being.

Once you have decided the areas where you want to set goals, then decide what you want to do, have, or be in those areas.  For example, if you are setting your sales goals, you could have a gross sales volume, number of new accounts sold, or commissions goal.  Whatever is important for you to measure set a goal around it.  Give some serious thought to the goal.  Make sure it is a goal that is important to you and that you want to achieve it.

Be sure to write your goals down.  This is important so that you don’t forget or get confused about what you want to accomplish.  Once you have written them down, put them in a place or several places where you can see them each day.  Keeping your goals in the forefront of your mind leads you to do activities that will take you closer to your goals.

Goal setting is beneficial in so many ways.  You probably have heard this before.  The big question is will you take action?  Taking action is what really makes the difference.  If you keep putting off setting your goals you will find another month has gone by and nothing has happened.  Successful people set goals and take action on the goals they set.  Get started now to achieving what you want in 2010 by writing your goals down.  Do it today!  After all 1% of the year has already gone by!

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