Yes! We Can Do That.

We live in a time where customer service just seems to be lacking. You go into a restaurant and it seems in some cases as if you have ruined their day by showing up. You call a company and get customer service and you’re made to feel as if you are anything but a customer. It’s almost as if you have to apologize for giving some of these companies your money. What’s up with that! There are some companies that are giving excellent customer service and respond, care, and show appreciation for every customer. However, it seems that as a whole, this thing about customer service exists more on the plaques and walls then it does in the actions and minds of the employees.

As a sales representative of your company, consider it is your responsibility to ensure that the internal reality of your organization matches the external claims you are making to your prospects. If operations is not performing at the level you are representing it performs, you need to do something about that. You can’t idly stand by and say that’s not my job. If you do, you soon won’t have a job because no one will buy from you.

When I was in Memphis working for a large transportation service provider, my boss created a unique culture around customer service. His name was Bob. He started a campaign called “Yes! We can do that.” Bob created the campaign to increase our focus on customer service. If a customer made a request, we would honor the request and respond “Yes! We can do that!” It was a tremendous success! We had jackets that had the slogan on it, flyers, and banners. The entire business unit was aware of those magic five words and it was amazing. It was amazing how the customers responded too. You might think at first blush customers would seed to take advantage of a situation. But just the opposite occurred. Customer were so excited about the campaign and wanted to see it continue, they were careful not to abuse the situation. Most importantly it caused our entire organization to reflect on why we were in business and who was the most important part of our success, our customers.

So why not start a campaign of your own? Focus on the customer. Let them know you appreciate their business. Taking good care of current customers is the best way to obtain new customers.

What about your organization? Do you have the “Yes! We can do that.” mentality?

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